Windswept Lawyer

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The takeoff

What lifts your spirit?

Hi, I am Jan.

A lawyer by education, a thrill junkie by heart. I love travelling, kiteboarding, mountain biking, creative writing, and anything which pumps adrenaline through my veins. Launching towards the sky on a kiteboard, shredding a mountain trail on an MTB, making a perfect carving turn on a snowboard, engaging in a tense courtroom battle, and anything in between.

I created this page for the purpose of sharing the impressions, suggestions and tips from my travels and kiteboarding expeditions.

In addition, I am also publishing random "brain dumps" as I like to call them: various short stories, opinions, thoughts, and enlightened pieces of sheer nonsense and/or ridiculousness.

Feel free to comment, reply, share, praise, gossip, or anything else. But beware of being sued for slander ;)

Windswept Lawyer is my little passion-fueled project. I write about what lifts my spirit. Take a look around: perhaps you’ll discover what lifts yours as well.


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